Slosh Park

The first project to develop out of the Take Me to the River initiative is the winning design from the Take Me to the River Design Competition for the Slosh Park. The Slosh Park concept was created by Ayres Associates and Quorum Architects and will be constructed along the waterfront on the east end of Greenfield Avenue.

The name for Slosh Park comes from Lake Michigan’s seiche events where wind, atmospheric pressure, and/or the natural sloshing of Lake Michigan pushes water up into river systems and can change water levels substantially in a relatively short amount of time. This sloshing action will be reflected in Slosh Park via the Seiche Garden water feature that includes water flowing over and through a series of stone and wood blocks. Slosh Park will also include a canoe/kayak launch, a seating area, an art wall, and a play structure and lookout tower constructed from shipping containers.

When constructed, Slosh Park will provide a space for families and children to recreate outdoors and experience the waterfront, a place for neighborhood workers to relax at lunch, and a destination for canoers and kayakers. Slosh Park is the first major investment in what will eventually be a continuous network of riverwalk and waterfront parks spanning much of the western shore of the Harbor District.

Construction of Slosh Park is expected to begin in spring 2018. We are still seeking funds to complete construction of the project. If you are interested in supporting the creation of Slosh Park, please contact Harbor District, Inc. at