We are looking for DESIGN BUILD services for the Kinnickinnic River Trash Collector.
Help improve the quality of our natural environment!

* Applicants should email Aaron Zeleski, aaron@harbordistrict.org
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The Mission

To lead the revitalization of Milwaukee’s Harbor District by connecting people to place, supporting a healthy business community, and improving the quality of our natural environment.

Harbor District, Inc. is Hiring!

We're looking for a new Natural Environment Program Manager to join our team.  This position leads the organization’s work to ensure that redevelopment of the Harbor District achieves ambitious goals for improvement and protection of our natural environment. Program areas include terrestrial and aquatic habitat improvement and monitoring; community science activities; stormwater management; environmental remediation; and planning.  For the full job description and applications details, click the button below.

The Initiative

The Harbor District has been at the center of our region’s prosperity for hundreds of years – first as a rice marsh with plentiful fish and game, then as an economic hub that served industries throughout the state. Now, much of its land sits abandoned or in disrepair, its waterways are polluted – but its potential is immense.

The Harbor District Initiative brings together local, state, and federal government efforts, private sector interests, and community enthusiasm to transform this area into a vibrant and productive waterfront that strengthens our community and regional economy… a place where you might find a job, start a business, rent an apartment, go out to dinner, or go kayaking.

In partnership with the City of Milwaukee, two organizations are leading the way: the non-profit Harbor District, Inc., and Business Improvement District #51.

The Place

The Harbor District surrounds Milwaukee’s Inner Harbor – the place where our three rivers come together. Roughly, its boundaries are Pittsburgh Avenue, South First Street, Bay Street, and Lake Michigan.


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