Harbor View Plaza

Harbor View Plaza is the first major investment in what will eventually be a continuous network of Harborwalk and waterfront parks spanning much of the western shore of the Harbor District. Construction of the plaza is underway and expected to be completed in summer 2019.


The Harbor District Water and Land Use Plan envisions a continuous network of public Riverwalk extending from the northern end of Walker’s Point at Bruce Street up the Kinnickinnic River to Lincoln Avenue.  Waterfront public access will reconnect surrounding neighborhoods to the waterways that flow through their community while preserving the ability for marine-based businesses to operate or expand.

Habitat Hotels

The Habitat Hotels are “pit stops” for fish as they move around the Inner Harbor between other areas with better habitat, or between Lake Michigan and Milwaukee three rivers.

Trash Wheel

The trash wheel, a stationary trash-collecting device, includes a water wheel which runs a conveyor belt. A pair of booms direct trash floating down the river to the conveyor belt, and then trash is collected in a dumpster for removal.

Take Me to the River

HDI launched our “Take me to the River” to create new community connections – both programmatic and physical – to the Harbor District waterfront, and to focus on getting things done quickly to create an “early win” for the area.