Mission, Vision, and Core Values



The mission of Harbor District, Inc. is to lead the revitalization of Milwaukee’s Harbor District by connecting people to place, supporting a healthy business community, and improving the quality of our natural environment.


We envision a vibrant waterfront community where diverse businesses, people and ecologies thrive together.

Core Values

Inclusion: We work to ensure that the Harbor District redevelops in an equitable manner and welcomes everyone.


Collaboration: We know that outcomes will be better if we work with others, respecting their contributions, leading when we need to, and supporting when we can.


Persistence: We don’t give up. We are ambitious, resourceful and creative in our efforts to move initiatives forward.


Inspiration: We recognize and promote the unique opportunities of the Harbor District, and encourage high aspirations.


Stewardship: We take a long-term perspective, and promote caretaking and investment in our natural and cultural resources to build a lasting legacy.